FruitfulWorks' origin story

Posted by Mary Crosby on

In 2002, when I incorporated FruitfulWorks as a web design company, my goal was to take my personal vision statement, "be fruitful and multiply," and create a business. 19 years and several pivots later, I am still committed to fruitful works, but this time in the form of apparel and accessories that celebrate impactful work.


After 18 years and counting as the founder and managing editor of, my first collection is, of course, what I know best, Gospel Music.


And, with a mom as a former elementary school principal and a daughter pursuing a degree in Education, my next impactful work collection celebrates educators with a colorful "Thank A Teacher" graphic.


What's next? I'm hoping that visitors and social media followers will give me some ideas, so check back often; the next impactful work collection is coming soon.